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  • Tax deduction eligibility.
  • Increased brand recognition.
  • Make a bigger name for your organization with the local decision-makers who are most likely to patronize your organization. 

That’s just the short list of benefits you’ll experience as a WIFTA sponsor!

Women in Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) is a non-profit membership organization for creative media professionals. With a focus on driving the advancement of women in this industry, we provide a dynamic network to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities and build a solid educational platform to accelerate the professional development of all our members. As a volunteer run, 501(c)(3) organization, WIFTA has grown and prospered through the years, largely due to the support of our sponsors.

As a WIFTA sponsor, you will be making a huge impact on creative media professionals’ lives as well as the lives of those in related professions. By becoming a corporate sponsor, you play a vital role in nurturing our continued growth and ability to to continue providing skill-building workshops, mentorship via our PSA Program and educational support through our Student Tuition Scholarship. Your participation supports WIFTA’s initiatives to empower the creative media professionals contributing to the Georgia TV / Film industry. Additionally, your support boldly states your concern for the arts community, women’s unique voices and the general economic landscape of Atlanta.

Sponsorship Levels

WIFTA offers multiple sponsorship levels to insure that businesses / organzations that want to show their support for WIFTA and our members are able to do so.

Supporting Cast Sponsors are benevolent individuals, companies or organizations that prefer to donate goods or services to WIFTA on behalf it’s members. Ex.: Venue space, catering services, A/V equipment, graphic design services, photography / videography services, gift certificates for goods / services or actual items for fundraising giveaways / auctions, etc.

Meanwhile, generous individuals, companies or organizations who primarily make finaicial contributions are categorized as a One Star, Two Star, Three Star, Gold or Platimum sponsor, depending on the amount of the financial contribution. Financial sponsors are welcome to contribute goods and services in addition to the financial contribution.

Sponsorship Benefits

As a WIFTA sponsor, you’ll be privy to a host of benefits that will help with increased brand recognition as well as potentially garnering some new patrons for your organization.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits you’ll enjoy as a WIFTA sponsor…

Note: Supporting Cast sponsors will receive promotional consideration commensurate with the value of their donations.

Note: Sponsors providing monies, goods or services to be used on an ongoing/multi-use basis at WIFTA’s discretion will be considered organizational sponsors and will receive benefits as disclosed above for one year. Sponsors providing monies, goods or services for a specific event only will be considered event sponsors. As such, the promotional benefits they are eligible to receive as listed above will be effective during  pre-event promotion and the 30 days following the event. Non-promotional benefits will be available foe one year.

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