About Us

Our Mission

Women In Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA) is dedicated to improving the status and portrayal of women in film, television, video and other screen-based media by offering opportunities for media makers to connect, create, champion and inspire.  With an emphasis on professionalism, education and training, we support the work of women in moving images media and foster greater public awareness of their efforts. 

To see who is currently leading WIFTA in accomplishing this mission, click the Advisory Board and Board of Directors links above.

Who We Are

Women In Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA), a 501c-3 Georgia non-profit, is a member-based organization for creative media professionals. We are the second oldest Women In Film chapter worldwide. With a focus on driving the advancement of women in the TV / Film industry, WIFTA provides a dynamic network for facilitating the exchange of ideas, sharing opportunities and accelerating the professional development of our members. This is a key reason why we are  “Georgia’s foremost entertainment industry organization in support of women.”

Since our inception in 1974, WIFTA has proudly had a membership community of multi-generational and culturally diverse professionals - women and men. Our membership is comprised of professionals who work as (or strive to be) producers, directors, actors, entertainment attorneys, camera and sound technicians, film editors, graphic designers, make-up artists, wardrobe specialists, screenwriters, talent agents and casting directors. Our membership also includes businesses and organizations interested in supporting and promoting the creativity and skills that women bring to all screen-based media. 

WIFTA is affiliated with 40+ Women In Film chapters around the world as well as the Women In Film umbrella organization known as Women In Film International (WIFTI).

What We Do

In effort to execute our mission, Women In Film and Television Atlanta (WIFTA)  upholds three primary core values:

(1) Promoting creative achievement in film, television, video and related media arts

(2) Maintaining a supportive and collaborative media arts community throughout the Southeast

(3) Continuing dedication to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity

With those core values always in mind, we strive to offer an array programming that is designed to enhance the educational goals and foster the professional objectives of our members. This includes our member meetings and a variety of professional enrichment programs and workshops. We are also known for our PSA Program, Scholarship Program, Annual Kick-Off and  WIFTA Short Film Showcase.

Our History

In 1973, Tichi Wilkerson Kassel, publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, suggested that an organization be started to help women in the entertainment industry. A small group of women met on the following Tuesday and sat on the floor of Tichi's office for what was to become a historic brainstorming session. All agreed that women should help women and that it was time to organize. Shortly thereafter the Atlanta Chapter of Women in Film and Television was also founded upon those same principles in 1974, making it the second oldest chapter in the organization.

Founded on a simple concept by seven women, the original founding members could never have envisioned the clout and monumental worldwide growth Women in Film enjoys today. Since then, Women In Film has grown to become one of the major voices for women in the entertainment industry. There are more than 12,000 members in over 40 affiliated chapters nationwide and throughout the world.

WIFTA’s leadership legacy has included an all-star cast of respected professionals working in a wide range of positions. Our past presidents include:

   Beverly Kiveman Copen (1974)  Sara Reed (1992 – 1993)
   Barbara Thomas (1975-1976)
 JC Shardo (1994 – 1995)
   Deidre McDonald (1977)  Kay Hallahan (1996 – 1997)
   Fran Burst-Terranella (1978)  Maureen Dowdell (1998 – 1999)
   Betty Jo Taylor (1979)  Candace Long (2000)
   Fran Burst-Terranella (1980)  Adair Simon (2001 – 2002)
   Winona Holloway (1981)  Sherry Richardson (2003 – 2004)
   Rhett Cork (1982)  Linda Dunikoski (2005 – 2006)
   Shay Griffin (1983-1984)  Kristen McGary and Bonnie Woods (2007)
   Kathy Hardegree (1985 – 1986)  Melissa Randle (2008 – 2009)
   Sharon Malone (1987)  Dana Serby (2010)
   Suzan Satterfield (1988)  Dellis Caden Noble (2011)
   Susan Bruce (1989)  Kat Phillips (2012)
   Diane Brunet (1990)  Cheryl Jenkins (2013 - 2018)
   Margaret Eves (1991)  LaRonda Sutton (present)

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