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  • 06 Jan 2015 11:32 PM | Anonymous member

    Shonda Rhimes. Bonnie Hammer. Lena Dunham. Donna Langley. Hannah Minghella.

    Who are they? They made the list. The coveted list from The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that ranks the top 100 women of power in entertainment. 

    The New York Times article sums it up as a campaign that kicks off in the summer and runs through to the end when the list is release during a breakfast in December. Jamie Min, the chief creative officer of the Power 100 list, shared that the process and encounters are “surreal”.

    In an industry still dominated by men, THR takes time to recognize the capital that women do bring to Hollywood. It’s a competitive process and can be a challenging pill to swallow if a team feels their women deserves a higher ranking.

    In the words of James Brown, “it’s a man’s world” until you start ranking women. Ask Janie and Matthew.

  • 26 Oct 2014 8:35 PM | Anonymous member

    It’s a Thursday night during the late 1980’s to early 1990’s-something. There were only three major networks – CBS, NBC, and CBS with FOX slowing making it’s way on the scene. However, NBC had the 8 o’clock hour on lock with an hour of comedy designed to entertain and educate. 

    The “Cosby Hour” was time for family time with the Huxtables via The Cosby Show and class time on the campus of Hillman College via A Different World. Actress/director, Jasmine Guy, portrayed Whitley Gilbert on A Different World. The show came during a “wave” of work that included School Daze, Harlem Knights and Queen. These roles, more importantly her presence on the weekly show A Different World would establish her as a talented force on the acting scene. She reflects on the power of the “Cosby Hour”. “I feel like we impacted the country in way that it’s harder to do now because of the kind of power you can have with just three networks.” She adds, “The whole country was watching the show at the same time because we weren’t DVRing our shows.”

    So the time to watch a show was the time it actually came on television. A platform of that magnitude produced a legion of young people who now saw higher education in a different way. So, while Hillman was a fictitious institution of higher learning, Guy feels one of the great things about show is it showcased some real experiences and opportunities for America to see that Black was more than one thing. “I loved that the show we had a diversity of black people. We weren’t all from the same neighborhoods, we didn’t look the same, we had different cultural principles and ways of living,” Guy shares. “I was able to go as far as I was with Whitney because of the diversity. It wasn’t like Whitley was representing the whole race. I knew that I could say politically incorrect things because Freddy was going to say the right thing or Dwayne was going to get Whitley.” 

    The diversity allowed for a variety in voice. There was going to be someone on the show to have the right voice, which deepened the message and connectivity of the characters. Things that Guy attributes to the genius of Bill Cosby in creating a show like A Different World. “He said I’m going to do a spin-off and put it on an HBCU campus. In doing that he made a huge statement, about education about access, about the value of black colleges, and the value of going to college.”

    As the theme song states, “Here's a chance to make it, If we focus on our goals.” The goal was to create a show that would positively impact a nation and that’s exactly what happened. Even almost three decades later, A Different World’s influences can be seen and heard.

    Stay tuned for more with Jasmine Guy and what’s happening in her world post-A Different World.

  • 27 Sep 2014 11:39 PM | Anonymous member

    by Carletta S. Hurt, Assistant Blog Editor

    A recommendation to watch Searching for Debra Winger sparked the making of Angels Can’t Help but Laugh and the creation of Nina Holiday, a full service production company co-founded by actress, Terri J. Vaughn, and writer, Cas Sigers.

    “I watched the movie [Searching for Debra Winger] and I loved it. I could completely relate to it. It was a bunch of actresses talking about their experiences and being in the industry,” Vaughn shared.  “But they were all white except for Whoopi Goldberg. I was like where are we. I told Cas and she was like, well, let’s make our own.” Angels was their first project together and featured Vaughn interviewing 25 African American actresses about their experiences in the industry.

    “Angels gave us that confidence to move forward and say – we’re going to start a production company,” shared Sigers.

    The journey since that time has been full of fun and learning lessons for the ladies of Nina Holiday. One lesson that Terri shared was, “…thinking that if we have a GREAT idea and it’s written really well plus knowing my relationships from my time in the business and being on these TV shows, we’ll get this stuff made. Yeah right!”

    The process of getting a show done was more complicated than either Sigers or Vaughn realized. It was very much political. “We learned the politics and that creativity and what people like is a small portion of what’s gets a show aired,” Sigers explained. “What we have learned is the business. We started off as straight creative people with great ideas and wanting to tell a great story. In producing, everything is formulaic and isn’t based on what we like or what we would like to see.”

    As Nina Holiday is mastering the formula, they are seeing an increase in the success rate of what they produce/support getting aired. Some of their clients include BET Networks, Centric, Aspire, Sony Music, and GMC Uplifting Entertainment.  

    Their latest project, Girlfriend’s Getaway, is a combination of that formula and fighting for their vision. “There were a few things they wanted us to change [in Girlfriend’s Getaway] and we had to stand our ground,” Vaughn explained. “The reason we wrote this movie was for this age group and this particular story.” Sigers added, “We love broad comedies. So, this was us making a silly broad comedy about silly stuff.”

    In addition, Girlfriend’s Getaway, allowed Nina Holiday to see a dream come to fruition. They were able to work with people they love on a stress free set. Vaughn said it best, “It is amazing and hands down the best experience I’ve ever had filming a project.”

    Per their company website, Nina Holiday is “… named from two iconic African-American women in the history of entertainment, Nina Simone, noted activist and singer, and Billie Holiday, jazz legend. Each of these women broke barriers and stereotypes in order to become true artists and live their dream. They didn’t settle, they persevered and in spite of controversy they still pushed towards perfecting their craft.”

    Sigers and Vaughn are paving their own way standing firm in their faith, believing in the dream, and working to change the images of African American girls and women on the small and big screen.

    Their latest project is the development of a series for Bounce TV slated for 2015 debut.


  • 24 Sep 2014 8:08 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Film Boxing Match:  California Assembly Bill 1839 May Give Other Film Tax Incentives a Run for the Money


    Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs


    A few blogs ago, I wrote about a phenomenon sweeping the California film industry called runaway production.  This phenomenon is causing states like our own to be successful in film.  On the flip side, it is causing California to lose a large chunk of revenue and is eroding the film legacy of that state.  In response to this economic loss, California has increased its incentives to an almost whopping $400 million per year over the next 5 years for anyone filming in their state.

    I’m a huge Georgia film enthusiast so I must admit that when I saw this news, I thought “uh-oh.”  This could affect Georgia’s and the South’s film boom in so many ways.  Here are some tidbits from the new bill that were contained on the California Film Commission website:

    Round 1

    Bill proposes a new five-year film and TV tax credit program beginning in fiscal year 2015/16 with expanded eligibility to include big budget feature films, 1-hr TV series for any distribution outlet and TV pilots

    Round 2

    Bill would also provide an added incentive for productions that film outside of the 30-mile zone and for visual effects and music scoring/recording performed in-state

    Round 3/KO (knock-out)

    Funding for the new program would be $330 million per fiscal year

    Yes, my fellow Georgians, this is scary.  California is definitely in it to win it in regaining its film heritage and this means that Georgia is going to have to really get ready to bring it’s “A” game to compete with this new bill if it wants to stay in the game.  Film and film production is just as fleeting and temporary as the wind so all of the efforts made in this state can be gone in the blink of an eye if we are not careful.  How will Georgia fare in light of this new legislation? I don’t know but I am certainly biting my nails.  What are your thoughts?


    For more information on California's developments in film, visit


    Photo retrieved on September 3, 2014 from

    Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor @ Reel Focus

    "I am a screenwriter and I write on topics about the history of Hollywood, Georgia film and television heritage, Georgia film and television venues, Hollywood directors, and educational pieces related to the industry."

    Twitter @wiftaAtlanta

    Tags: <California Film Commission> <Hollywood> <California Assembly Bill 1839> <tax incentives> <film production>

  • 24 Sep 2014 6:25 PM | Anonymous member

    by Angela Jones, Blog Contributor

    Lights, cameras, Hollywood South! The stage is set for the Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF). In its ninth year, the festival brings with it film screenings, workshops, celebrity panels and lots more.

    Entrepreneur Deborah Fuller, a PVIFF board member, tells us all about this exciting event taking place Sept. 25 - 28, 2014, in Midtown Atlanta.

    AJ: What sets PVIFF apart from other festivals?

    DF: We’ve been around for 9 years. We’re proud to say we’ve had an actual impact on individuals who have come through the doors with some of their initial films and now they’re Hollywood stars.


    AJ: That’s great! Like who?

    DF: One great example is Chadwick Bozeman, the actor that portrayed James Brown in Get On Up. He was a festival participant and even won once. Also, Brad James and Kiki Haynes of Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. They utilized the festival to cultivate their brand and build themselves up to the next level and now they are stars. 


    AJ: What other celebrities can we expect to see?

    DF: We’ll have veteran stars like actress Lynn Whitfield whose film is screening Friday night. And stars from New Hollywood, like Essence Atkins and Kiki Haynes who is getting the rising star award.


    AJ: What do you hope festival goers take away from the festival?

    DF: Festival offerings are designed to feed into whatever the artist’s vision is. When you come to the festival, it’s not just about the party. For me, it’s about business. You want to enjoy the films, and you want to network and hobnob with the stars on the red carpet. But, you also need to figure out how this event can help enhance your vision, your goal, and your purpose in this industry.


    AJ: Why is that important?

    DF: It’s about more than just acting and writing. If you’re a filmmaker, we want to give you some tools and nuggets to help you take your vision to the next level. We want participants to know how to take their talents from the screen to the board room.


    AJ: Is it true that Ambassador Andrew Young is being honored?

    DF: Not many people in the younger generation know about James Brown’s impact on the civil rights movement. He actually funded a lot of the things Dr. King and others did during those times. With that being said, the first ever James Brown Humanitarian Award will be given to Ambassador Young because he’s an international ambassador for the rights of all people. Even in his 80s, he’s still traveling around the world campaigning for the rights of others.


    AJ: Tell us about the international component of the festival

    DF: We have artists coming from all over the world some are from Australia. For the first time, we have partnered with a Latin Ambassador. Grammy winning Latin artist Obie Bermudez will host the first PVIFF Latin/American Black & White themed party.

    For more information visit

    Angela Jones, Blog Contributor:  I am a screenwriter and a producer and I write about reality television shows and filmmakers who find their own way to express their creativity.  I also write movie and TV show reviews on what’s hot and what’s not in Atlanta. Follow me on Twitter @scriptdiva or my blog at

  • 17 Sep 2014 9:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Behind the Scenes with 

    Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs

    You may have heard of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, The Heidi & Frank Show, Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, or Brooke & Jubal In The Morning because you hear it broadcast on your radio in the mornings; but, did you know that you can see these radio show hosts on television too on a show called Dish Nation?  When I first tuned in to Dish Nation on television, I thought it was a cool show because it unites radio and television.  I’m used to knowing these radio personalities by their voice but now on this show, I can see what they look like and what the studio looks like.  As you may know by now from my blogs I’m the curious type, so I ventured a little deeper to find out more about Dish Nation by collaborating with Matt Blanock, Co-Executive Producer of Dish Nation.


    Thanks Matt for joining us.  For starters, tell us a little about what Dish Nation is.

    Stu Weiss, who created Dish Nation, originally worked in Radio as a DJ in the late 70's / early 80's in western Pennsylvania.  After an incredibly successful career in TV and as the owner very successful production company in Los Angeles (Studio City, LLC), it was Stu's desire to do something with radio.  He had an idea to bring the funniest, wildest and most popular radio hosts in the country to TV in an effort to showcase a group of talented entertainers he thought would excel outside of their current platform and not only did it work, we're about to enter our 3rd season.


    Is this show a rebroadcast of morning radio shows, or is it a completely different segment.


    Dish Nation is radio hosts/talent doing TV.  The original idea was to do a show that was a re-broadcast of selected moments from the radio show's original broadcast that morning.  Essentially, we wanted to be a "fly on the wall" and then show viewers the fun that happens in studio when the radio broadcast is happening.  The past two seasons, as our show has evolved, we have gone away from trying to do radio and TV all at the same time; the logistical hurdles were tough on our production team, and the stress it placed on the hosts was putting their performance at risk.


    Currently, Dish Nation spends around 90 minutes with each team after they have completed their Radio morning shows.  This has eliminated stress on the cast, improved their performance and taken the burden off of our production team to work around all the radio work that had to be done.



    Tell us some of the hottest cities you broadcast Dish Nation in and also why you chose the specific radio shows for the show.


    Dish Nation is nationally syndicated and distributed by 20th Television, so we are on in almost 95% of the country, which makes picking the hottest city really tough because we think they're all fun.  Every week Dish Nation highlights a new city in America by creating a show segment specific to that city every day.  The Radio Teams that we chose were teams that we found during an extensive internal search.  The more we laughed in our office, the greater the chance they had of being asked to be on Dish Nation, and we think we have some really funny teams cast in this show. 


    What's it like to work for Dish Nation?


    Everything moves a million miles an hour.  There are 13 cast members, three radio teams, 90-something employees and one 20 minute show - it's a lot to wrangle every day.  Since we are entertaining entertainment news we have a very interesting office environment that is filled with the urgency and energy of a news room, but with the all the dynamics of wit and laughter that you'd find in a writers room on a comedy show.


    Working for Dish Nation has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I have enjoyed everyone that I have had the privilege to work with.  It has not always been easy working on the west coast and trying to produce radio shows on the east coast (during Season 1, I started my day at 1:30am and worked in the office till around 5pm at night for about 11 months straight.).  Despite the hours (which are now, much, much, much better!) the experience has been great, and the people that put this show out everyday are some of the most talented I've ever worked with




    For more information about Dish Nation, visit and check out the season 3’s trailer at


    Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor @ Reel Focus

    "I am a screenwriter and I write on topics about the history of Hollywood, Georgia film and television heritage, Georgia film and television venues, Hollywood directors, and educational pieces related to the industry."

    Twitter @wiftaAtlanta

    Tags: <Dish Nation> <radio broadcast> <Rickey Smiley Show> <The Heidi & Frank Show> < Kidd Kraddick In The Morning> < Brooke & Jubal In The Morning>

    Above logo courtesy of Matt Blanock.

  • 16 Sep 2014 2:27 PM | Anonymous member
    by Angela Jones, Blog Contributor

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. His parole was denied and he has escaped. Now he could end up at your front door. This is the opening sequence of the intense and sexy thriller, No Good Deed. It also happens to be the number one movie at the box office this weekend raking in more than 24 million in ticket sales.  These are impressive numbers for a film that cost a mere 13-million to produce. It’s the latest in a successful string of movies under the Will Packer Productions umbrella. 

    Atlanta based production supervisor for No Good Deed, Dianne Ashford, feels the film’s success was a long time coming. “We actually shot it two years ago. We’re very excited that it’s finally in theaters,” she shares.  The release took longer than usual because, “…after we finished editing, there were a couple of things that we wanted to change. We had two of the busiest actors in the business and both had demanding schedules.  It was just a matter of freeing up time in their schedules.”

    Ashford admits she didn’t really know how audiences would respond to the movie. “Every project is a little different. There’s always a little bit of anxiety. You always wonder if you have done enough. You want people to have a positive response to it.”  She shared with me her opening weekend ritual. She likes to watch the movie along with the fans and see their reactions first hand. “I love this business because it’s the only business where you get to see how it directly affects your consumer.”

    She says some fans may have a hard time seeing Idis Elba in the role of a villain. “There have been so many people who have said they don’t want to see Idris like this because they like him as the good guy, the sex symbol type.” She adds it wasn’t hard for the Golden Globe award winner to pull it off. “I think actors appreciate the opportunity to experience new characters and to do different things. When they step outside of what they normally do, it’s rewarding.”

    Taraji P. Henson’s character is memorable as well, because of some of her on-screen decisions. “She did all of the right things in the beginning. You get to see her fight back and not just be a typical victim. I think that’s the part that makes it different.”

    The movie makes people think about what they would do in a similar situation. “All of the different turns that we take you through, you start to ask questions like ‘Why would you do that?’. Audiences are engaged and taking sides on what they would have done differently,” she explains. “When you really think about it and you put yourself in that position, you will understand the reason why she did certain things in the movie.”

    What’s next for Ashford? She just finished work on “Survivor’s Remorse,” a project for the Starz Network. She’s teaching some of her producing secrets to independent filmmakers in Atlanta Oct. 11 and 12th. Find out more about the class, visit

    Angela Jones, Blog Contributor:  I am a screenwriter and a producer and I write about reality television shows and filmmakers who find their own way to express their creativity.  I also write movie and TV show reviews on what’s hot and what’s not in Atlanta.  Follow me on twitter @scriptdiva or my blog at

  • 10 Sep 2014 9:46 AM | Anonymous member

    by Angela Jones, Blog Contributor

    One week they were strangers.  The next week, they were married.  This is the premise of the social experiment of scientifically arranged marriages that is the reality sweetheart, Married at First Sight, for the FYI Network (Formerly Bio Channel).

    Now, the experiment is over. Are the relationships over too?

    The show followed six people, three couples, who were perfect mates for one another, at least on paper.  A team of relationship experts matched the six singles looking for love. They agreed to marry total strangers and let their lives play out before the cameras.

    The couples got hitched, then moved in together and spent several weeks trying to get to know one another and deciding if they wanted to stay married.  Did I mention, each met their supposed “soul mate” for the first time at the altar?

    Let’s meet the couples:

    Jamie & Doug

    Jamie and Doug were the pair who started out as the couple who didn’t really seem to match.  While it was love at first sight for Doug, Jamie was not as easily smitten.  Jamie says her tough upbringing and not knowing her father, saddled her with trust issues which were evident as the relationship progressed. But she eventually let her walls come down and started warming up to Doug. In fact there was one point where she feared she would like him more than he liked her.

    Monet & Vaughn

    Monet and Vaughn had sexual chemistry right away. But it was probably the most tumultuous of all the relationships. Their marriage was riddled with arguments, mixed signals and all kind of communication issues. They fought in nearly every episode and just when you thought they had reached a common ground, one or the other would say the wrong thing and the arguing would resume. They had disagreements about everything from who would cook dinner to whether one of them was “too happy.”

    Kortney & Jason

    Kortney and Jason seemed smitten with each other right out of the gate.  The only issue that ever seemed to arise with them was finding time to spend together with their busy schedules.  Also, support from their families was an issue.  Jason’s mom was suffering from cancer which made him hesitant to include her in his marriage too soon.

    So how did these extreme love connections turn out?

    On last night’s finale, two of the three couples announced they would stay married. Vaughn and Monet chose to go their separate ways.   In her testimonial, Monet accused Vaughn of “not being ready for marriage.”  They were the only couple that appeared to know ahead of time that final day what the other was thinking.

    The show has been picked up for a second season. Ratings soared to over 600 thousand during the 5th episode that featured Vaughn offending Monet by asking if “threesomes” were acceptable.

    Angela Jones, Blog Contributor:  I am a screenwriter and a producer and I write about reality television shows and filmmakers who find their own way to express their creativity.  I also write movie and TV show reviews on what’s hot and what’s not in Atlanta.  Follow me on Twitter @scriptdiva or my blog at

  • 09 Sep 2014 10:12 AM | Anonymous member

    by Carletta S. Hurt, Assistant Blog Editor

    The new season of network television shows has started so let the excitement begin – especially for women. 

    Networks are taking notice of and using the female factor power to their advantage with some new shows with dominant, leading female characters in the upcoming fall season television line-up.

    Some regular favorites coming back to the small screen are: (in order by premiere date)

    Tuesday, September 16 at 9:30 pm on Fox

    The Mindy Project with Mindy Kaling (creator of the show)

      (We could see her star power even as the quirky office mate in The Office)

    Sunday, September 21 @ 9 pm on CBS

    The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies (Emmy award winning role) as Alicia Florrick

                (Who knew a little show about a wife standing by her adulterating political husband would have so much bang over the now 6th season)

    Thursday, September 25 at 8 pm and 9 pm on ABC

    Grey’s Anatomy with an amazing ensemble cast lead by Ellen Pompeo.

                 (The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial are returning with some questions and tension for season 11 of the first series in the Shonda Rhines franchise.)

    Scandal with Kerry Washington and the Gladiator Crew

                (The new season minus Columbus Short is destined to be a pleasure. As Pope returns to supreme solution solving self with a twist you won’t see coming…or maybe we just expect it.)


    New shows that are sure to make for interesting TV watching: (in order by premiere date)

    Wednesday, September 17 at 9 pm on Fox

    The Red Band Society featuring Octavia Spencer as Nurse Jackson

                (Technically, RB Society debuted online for a week in late August due to fan support of $100,000. So, that alone is worth checking it out when it makes its TV debut.)

    Sunday, September 21 at 8 pm on CBS

    Madam Secretary starring Tea Leoni

    (You think Condoleezza Rice is a consultant on the show…or maybe she’ll make a guest appearance. Got to watch to see.) 

    Wednesday, September 24 at 8 pm on NBC

    The Mysteries of Laura starring Debra Messing

                (From a single interior designer with a handsome gay bestie on Will & Grace to a working mom battling the bad guys, twin sons, and a clingy soon-to-be ex-husband, Messing is coming back home with a bang.)

    Thursday, September 25 @ 10 pm on ABC

    How to Get Away with Murder starring Viola Davis

    (This is the newest addition to the Shonda Rhimes TV show series franchise that takes college students from the classroom to real life on a sexy, suspenseful journey filled with drama.)

    These shows are merely a small sampling of what’s to come for network programming. For a full list of the shows with premiere dates, check out the following sites:

    TV Guide

    TV Line


    Make sure to share with us your thoughts on the upcoming season of great television and which shows are a must see for you.

  • 08 Sep 2014 8:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A Taste of Brazil in L.A.

    Behind the Scenes with the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival

    Written by Melisha “Mel” Childs


    Brazil – land of many exotic treasures – is home to some of the most diversity concentrated in one area of the world.  There are many beauties to behold within its art, ecological environment, and its people.  Brazil’s own people know of this beauty and they share it with the rest of the world through film.  There are many Brazilian film festivals that take place throughout the world but I will focus on the one taking place in Los Angeles, California.  For this blog, I have collaborated with Lucas Paz, Publicist Manager of the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival and Nazareno Paulo, Co-founder of LABRFF, to tell us more about this exciting event taking place September 14-19, 2014.


    MC:  There are several Brazilian Film Festivals throughout the world but I can imagine that the Los Angeles one has to be an exciting one because of its great weather and because it’s an awesome city.  Tell us other reasons why people should visit the Brazilian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

    NP:  The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival is dedicated to the film industry, and is made for professionals who want to learn more about Brazil. The LABRFF Film Market is also a two-day event during the week of the festival that aims an audience willing to do business in coproduction with Brazilian producers. People come to participate in this unique experience and have a different kind of emotion they do not find anywhere else. From the Opening Night Gala at the Lindwood Dunn Theatre, in Hollywood where a red carpet event takes place with dozens of Brazilian talents and artists that just flew from Brazil to get involved in the festival, it is an historic accomplishment that every film lover would like to participate.


    MC:  Can non-Brazilian Americans and others from around the world get involved in this film festival?  How do you submit material?

    NP & LP:  Yes. People from different nationalities are very well welcomed to participate in the film festival events, also Americans will have an opportunity to pitch their film projects for a selected committee of industry professionals on our brand new 2-day “Film Market”. Film submissions window for films and film projects are closed already but will reopen by April 2015; just visit the festival’s website:


    MC:  Tantalize our taste buds by telling our readers what they can expect from this year’s festival.

    NP & LP:  This is going to be the most exciting edition of the film festival. Films will be screened during six days in three different venues in the city, with the best selection of Brazil’s recent production divided in 4 categories: narrative, documentaries, shorts, special screenings. Over sixty people – from producers, artists to great Brazilian talents such as the Conductor João Carlos Martins – will show up to the festival and run the red carpet. We would like to say many thanks to all of LABRFF’s supporters. Become a LABRFF MEMBER today and enjoy exclusive events throughout the year:


     Organizers: (from left to right) Lucas Paz, Meire Fernandes, Lucas Capuzzo, Bruno Carvalho, Nazareno Paulo.



    For more information about the Brazilian Film Festival in Los Angeles, visit


    Twitter:  @labrff



     Melisha “Mel” Childs, Senior Blog Contributor @ Reel Focus

    "I am a screenwriter and I write on topics about the history of Hollywood, Georgia film and television heritage, Georgia film and television venues, Hollywood directors, and educational pieces related to the industry."

    Twitter @wiftaAtlanta

    Tag:<Brazil> <Film> <California> <Los Angeles> <Film Festival> < LABRFF>

    Above photos from left to right obtained on September 4, 2014 from the following:

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